Podcast List Overview.

Below, you will find a list of all podcasts ever made/done by Culture Matters (Chris Smit & Peter van der Lende).

164 9-Signs you’re not getting it. It’s culture stupid!

163 Democracy and Cultural Diversity

162 Lucas Martinez on the Next Generation of Job Search

161 Humor and Cultural Differences

160 Cultural Superiority in Business

159 Organizational Culture Explained

158 Cultural Differences Between North & South America

157 Peter van der Lende and Chris Smit Interviewed by Leonardo Marra

156 Jessica Stone on Her Lessons on How to Deal With Different Cultures

155 Cultural Implications of Mergers and Acquisitions [Podcast]

154 Ivana Lodovici on International Recruiting

153 Work After Corona [Podcast]

152: Global Talent Sourcing [Podcast]

151: How to do business in India Podcast

150: Deanna Singh on Diversity and Inclusion

149: Working With International Virtual Teams

148: Doing Business in the US; Why the US is Sometimes Ahead & Sometimes Behind

147: Culture Matters in International Business

146: Theresa Sigillito Hollema on Working with Virtual Teams Globally

145: International Business Development Podcast

144: Bart De Pau On the Shocking Dutch

143: Chris Smit on Cultural Differences, Coaching, and Workshops

142: Rachel Jensen on Life in the Caribbean

141: Peter Kozodoy on How Honesty Can Help Your Business

140: Melissa Lamson on Inclusion and Diversity

139: The Arab Business Code with Judith Hornok

138: Beer and Culture with Allan Heida

137: L. H. Draken on the Corona Virus and using Fiction and Story to understand China and other cultures

136: Lawrence Draken on the Coronavirus in China, Germany, and the USA

135: Lisa Fain on Inclusion and Diversity

134: Mathieu Gram on Physiotherapy and Culture

133: Michael Cobb on Latin America

132: Anke Hermann On How to Get From IT to Coach

131: Working with the Japanese with Richard Conrad

130: International Negotiations with Jan Potgieter

129: Rachel Smets on Choosing a Life of Freedom & Fulfillment

128: Richard Conrad on Doing Business With China and Japan

127: Andrew Henderson on Which Country is the Best to Live In?

126: Rebecca D. Costa on the Future of the Future

125: Jen McFarland on Equality and Being Ethnic Relative

124: Harry Mitsidis the Most Traveled Man on the Planet

123: Dr. Lynette Louise on Autism and Cultural Differences

122: Is Performing Magic Culturally Neutral? with Jennifer S. Royal

121: Good News from Africa with Angela Betancourt

120: Authentic Travel with Monica Irauzqui

118: From Cruise Ships to Masterminding with Ronan Leonard

117: Why Travel Matters with Craig Storti

116: Eric Maddox from Virtual Dinners to Open Roads

115: Expats, Culture & Money with Mikkel Thorup

114: Isabel Cortes and Life in Colombia

113: Three School Kids in Different Countries

112 Dr. Carlos Coria Sanchez on Doing Business in Mexico

111: Tigit Motorbikes in Vietnam with Jon Pepper

110: Cultural Differences isn’t About Them; It’s About You; Pellegrino Riccardi [Rebroadcast]

109: Back to Human with Dan Schawbel

108: NBA Sports Legend John Amaechi on Sports, Business, and Culture [Rebroadcast]

107: How International is Flavored Peanut Butter?

106: Cultural Differences in the Fitness Industry with Mounir Azegra

105: Culture Shock with Dylan Bollen (part 2)

104: Conflict in Different Cultures; the Next Element with Nate Regier

103: Ferry den Hoed on Textile and Culture

102: Exchange Programs and Cultural Education for Students with Kea Hoppe

101: From Sales Award Winner to World Traveler with Matt Javit

100: A Culture With Purpose with Alexandria Agresta

099: Working With a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines

098: Justin Locke Talks About Orchestras, Stupidity, and Rich and Poor in America

097: Abandoned Places with Henk van Rensbergen

096: Claiming Back Your Cultural Identity with Dr. Alain Krapl

095: Full Circle Sailing Across the World with Monique and Paul

094: Learning a Language and Cultural Differences with Jesse Abing

093: Mastering American Business Culture with Andy Molinsky

092: Cultural Differences in Astronomy with Dylan Bollen

091: Exceptional Leadership with Ron Carucci

090: Aging and Staying Young as Possible in Different Cultures with Andrea Maier

089: Learning a Language and Learning a Culture with Tyler Muse

088: Reality-Based Leadership with Cy Wakeman

087: International Sports, Rivalry, and Culture with Joe Cobbs

086: Cultural Psychiatry, the Taliban and ISIS with Neil Aggarwal

085: Protocol, Etiquette, and Cultural Diversity by Jean Paul Wyers

084: The Link Between Language and Culture with Peter Alexander Kerkhof

083: Wedding Planners and Culture. What Do They Have to Do With Each Other? Deborah Moody Explains

Culture Matters Summer 2017

082: Lonely Planet and Brand Communication in Different Cultures with Laura Lindsay

081: Commercial Aviation and Cultural Differences; Ask The Pilot (Patrick Smith)

080: The Textile Industry and Culture with Imran Rath

079: How to Make Your Organization GREAT with Shane Green

078: America Deconstructed with Chai Sohan

077: Traveling Through the Americas with the “Dream-Life” Family

076: The Spanish Dude; Jordan Ellington

075: Lonely Planet Writer Lucas Vidgen on Travel and Culture

074: What a Bumper Sticker Tells You About American Culture with Alan Rose

073: Perception and Deception by Joe Lurie

072: History in the Eyes of Culture with Joseph Amato

071: Working With Virtual Teams with Jelle Mattelaer

2016 Year-End Podcast and Videocast

070: Travelling the World After Selling Everything You Have with Palle Bo

069: France and the French; A Danish Perspective with Mathilde Bruun Larsen

068: The Truth About Nigeria with Odinaka Lavender Ekweremadu

067: Doing Business in Russia Part II; With Natasha Aks

066: How Do You Visit ALL Countries in the World Before You’re 28 Years Old? With Henrik Jeppesen

065: Inclusive Talent Management with Stephen Frost

064: What to do as an Expat in a New Country with Audrey Mezas

063: What You Should Know About International Law & Culture

Summer 2016

062: Insourcing from Pakistan and Sri Lanka by Bart van Loon

061: How to Effectively Work With Remote Teams with Hugo Messer

060: Everything About Russian Culture You Did Not Know by Jeroen Ketting

059: Silicon Valley and Startups. The Inside Story; Bjoern Lasse Herrmann

058: Here’s the Most UPBEAT News From Iraq; Paul MacAlindin

057: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business; Professor Erin Meyer

056: How Samba Can Create a Culture; Alfredo Behrens

055: How to Work With Virtual Teams Across the World; Lisette Sutherland

054: What Startups are Facing Internationally; Trajan King

053: Don’t Mention the Word Culture When You Talk About Culture; Tim Kuppler

052: How to do Business in China; The Five Best Tips by Jeanne Boden

051: What’s it Like to be a Third Culture Kid (TCK); Tayo Rockson

050: How to become a Cultural Relativist; Sundae Bean

049: How Working for a European Committee can be Combined with being a Sailor; Anna Maria Darmanin

048: Cultural Differences isn’t About Them; It’s About You; Pellegrino Riccardi

047: Why Doing Business is Never About the Price

046: Why Culture Plays a Role in Sports; Susan Salzbrenner

045: What Comes First? Culture or Personality?

044: Why Culture is a Major Success Factor to M&A’s; Thomas Kessler

043: How to Explain Culture to Kids

042: Why do Global Mergers and Acquisitions Fail? Christophe Van Gampelaere

041: How to Work with a Virtual Assistant; Cultural Differences

040: How Democracy is not the Same the World Over; Julie Fisher

039: What are the Do’s and Don’ts in International Business

038: How Culture Plays a Role in the EU and the Empowerment of Women; Madi Sharma

037: Why Company Culture Matters [Podcast]

036: Vanessa Shaw; How Technology Has a Human Side

Culture Matters Summer 2015

Uncertainty Avoidance in International Business

035: How Cultural Differences Play a Role in the Operating Room of a Hospital; Professor Alex Mottrie

033: What are the Most Important Cultural Differences in India? Neil Miller

032: Why Web Design is Not Culturally Neutral; Sabina Idler

031: United Nations Sigrid Kaag Talking About Cultural Differences

030: Sunder P Talks About Get Friday and International Virtual Assistance

029: Timothy J. Bridgman with a Focus on Poland

028: Amanda Workman Your Cultural Concierge

027: Teresa Knapp on Working and Hosting Exchange Students

026: Author of the Book Global Dexterity; Professor Andy Molinsky on Cultural Differences

025: Kiran Beersing-Vasquez Gives a Student Perspective on Culture

024: Stephen Frost on Diversity & Inclusion

023: Alexander McNabb Takes an Expat View on life in Dubai

021: Alfredo Roach on Project Management and Cultural Differences

Holiday Season Message

020: International Travel With the Whole Family; Meet the Benders

019: Intercultural Project Management Explained by Karen Smits

018: NBA Sports Legend John Amaechi on Sports, Business and Culture

017: Greeley Koch Executive Director of ACTE on Culture & Travel

016: Wytze Russchen European Lobbyist Talks About Cultural Differences in Brussels

015: Airline Consultant Peter van der Lende Talks About Cultural Differences

014: Pierre Delalande on Culture When Operating the High Speed Train Service Eurostar

013: Giampaolo Viglia on Culture and Consumer Behavior

011: Paul Wait on the Importance of Culture in Corporate Travel

010: Deva Rangarajan on Culture in India, the USA, Europe, and Academic Education

009: Bernard Foccroulle on Cultural Differences in Classical Music

008: Tom Andriola, an American Working in China

007: Lulu Wang a Chinese Writer Living in the Netherlands

006: John Alexander on Hard Consensus and Soft Consensus

005: Bob Grol on Dutch Directness in Singapore and Beyond

004: Richard Hill on Why the French are Autistic

003: Dorothy Dalton on International Talent Management

002: Antoin Deul on Culture and Sustainability

001: Anis Bedda on Culture and its Effect on Innovation

000: Culture Matters Podcast, an Introduction