Podcast List Overview.

Below, you will find a list of all podcasts ever made/done by Culture Matters (Chris Smit & Peter van der Lende).

152: Global Talent Sourcing [Podcast]

151: How to do business in India Podcast

150: Deanna Singh on Diversity and Inclusion

149: Working With International Virtual Teams

148: Doing Business in the US; Why the US is Sometimes Ahead & Sometimes Behind

147: Culture Matters in International Business

146: Theresa Sigillito Hollema on Working with Virtual Teams Globally

145: International Business Development Podcast

144: Bart De Pau On the Shocking Dutch

143: Chris Smit on Cultural Differences, Coaching, and Workshops

142: Rachel Jensen on Life in the Caribbean

141: Peter Kozodoy on How Honesty Can Help Your Business

140: Melissa Lamson on Inclusion and Diversity

139: The Arab Business Code with Judith Hornok

138: Beer and Culture with Allan Heida

137: L. H. Draken on the Corona Virus and using Fiction and Story to understand China and other cultures

136: Lawrence Draken on the Coronavirus in China, Germany, and the USA

135: Lisa Fain on Inclusion and Diversity

134: Mathieu Gram on Physiotherapy and Culture

133: Michael Cobb on Latin America

132: Anke Hermann On How to Get From IT to Coach

131: Working with the Japanese with Richard Conrad

130: International Negotiations with Jan Potgieter

129: Rachel Smets on Choosing a Life of Freedom & Fulfillment

128: Richard Conrad on Doing Business With China and Japan

127: Andrew Henderson on Which Country is the Best to Live In?

126: Rebecca D. Costa on the Future of the Future

125: Jen McFarland on Equality and Being Ethnic Relative

124: Harry Mitsidis the Most Traveled Man on the Planet

123: Dr. Lynette Louise on Autism and Cultural Differences

122: Is Performing Magic Culturally Neutral? with Jennifer S. Royal

121: Good News from Africa with Angela Betancourt

120: Authentic Travel with Monica Irauzqui

118: From Cruise Ships to Masterminding with Ronan Leonard

117: Why Travel Matters with Craig Storti

116: Eric Maddox from Virtual Dinners to Open Roads

115: Expats, Culture & Money with Mikkel Thorup

114: Isabel Cortes and Life in Colombia

113: Three School Kids in Different Countries

112 Dr. Carlos Coria Sanchez on Doing Business in Mexico

111: Tigit Motorbikes in Vietnam with Jon Pepper

110: Cultural Differences isn’t About Them; It’s About You; Pellegrino Riccardi [Rebroadcast]

109: Back to Human with Dan Schawbel

108: NBA Sports Legend John Amaechi on Sports, Business, and Culture [Rebroadcast]

107: How International is Flavored Peanut Butter?

106: Cultural Differences in the Fitness Industry with Mounir Azegra

105: Culture Shock with Dylan Bollen (part 2)

104: Conflict in Different Cultures; the Next Element with Nate Regier

103: Ferry den Hoed on Textile and Culture

102: Exchange Programs and Cultural Education for Students with Kea Hoppe

101: From Sales Award Winner to World Traveler with Matt Javit

100: A Culture With Purpose with Alexandria Agresta

099: Working With a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines

098: Justin Locke Talks About Orchestras, Stupidity, and Rich and Poor in America

097: Abandoned Places with Henk van Rensbergen

096: Claiming Back Your Cultural Identity with Dr. Alain Krapl

095: Full Circle Sailing Across the World with Monique and Paul

094: Learning a Language and Cultural Differences with Jesse Abing

093: Mastering American Business Culture with Andy Molinsky

092: Cultural Differences in Astronomy with Dylan Bollen

091: Exceptional Leadership with Ron Carucci

090: Aging and Staying Young as Possible in Different Cultures with Andrea Maier

089: Learning a Language and Learning a Culture with Tyler Muse

088: Reality-Based Leadership with Cy Wakeman

087: International Sports, Rivalry, and Culture with Joe Cobbs

086: Cultural Psychiatry, the Taliban and ISIS with Neil Aggarwal

085: Protocol, Etiquette, and Cultural Diversity by Jean Paul Wyers

084: The Link Between Language and Culture with Peter Alexander Kerkhof

083: Wedding Planners and Culture. What Do They Have to Do With Each Other? Deborah Moody Explains

Culture Matters Summer 2017

082: Lonely Planet and Brand Communication in Different Cultures with Laura Lindsay

081: Commercial Aviation and Cultural Differences; Ask The Pilot (Patrick Smith)

080: The Textile Industry and Culture with Imran Rath

079: How to Make Your Organization GREAT with Shane Green

078: America Deconstructed with Chai Sohan

077: Traveling Through the Americas with the “Dream-Life” Family

076: The Spanish Dude; Jordan Ellington

075: Lonely Planet Writer Lucas Vidgen on Travel and Culture

074: What a Bumper Sticker Tells You About American Culture with Alan Rose

073: Perception and Deception by Joe Lurie

072: History in the Eyes of Culture with Joseph Amato

071: Working With Virtual Teams with Jelle Mattelaer

2016 Year-End Podcast and Videocast

070: Travelling the World After Selling Everything You Have with Palle Bo

069: France and the French; A Danish Perspective with Mathilde Bruun Larsen

068: The Truth About Nigeria with Odinaka Lavender Ekweremadu

067: Doing Business in Russia Part II; With Natasha Aks

066: How Do You Visit ALL Countries in the World Before You’re 28 Years Old? With Henrik Jeppesen

065: Inclusive Talent Management with Stephen Frost

064: What to do as an Expat in a New Country with Audrey Mezas

063: What You Should Know About International Law & Culture

Summer 2016

062: Insourcing from Pakistan and Sri Lanka by Bart van Loon

061: How to Effectively Work With Remote Teams with Hugo Messer

060: Everything About Russian Culture You Did Not Know by Jeroen Ketting

059: Silicon Valley and Startups. The Inside Story; Bjoern Lasse Herrmann

058: Here’s the Most UPBEAT News From Iraq; Paul MacAlindin

057: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business; Professor Erin Meyer

056: How Samba Can Create a Culture; Alfredo Behrens

055: How to Work With Virtual Teams Across the World; Lisette Sutherland

054: What Startups are Facing Internationally; Trajan King

053: Don’t Mention the Word Culture When You Talk About Culture; Tim Kuppler

052: How to do Business in China; The Five Best Tips by Jeanne Boden

051: What’s it Like to be a Third Culture Kid (TCK); Tayo Rockson

050: How to become a Cultural Relativist; Sundae Bean

049: How Working for a European Committee can be Combined with being a Sailor; Anna Maria Darmanin

048: Cultural Differences isn’t About Them; It’s About You; Pellegrino Riccardi

047: Why Doing Business is Never About the Price

046: Why Culture Plays a Role in Sports; Susan Salzbrenner

045: What Comes First? Culture or Personality?

044: Why Culture is a Major Success Factor to M&A’s; Thomas Kessler

043: How to Explain Culture to Kids

042: Why do Global Mergers and Acquisitions Fail? Christophe Van Gampelaere

041: How to Work with a Virtual Assistant; Cultural Differences

040: How Democracy is not the Same the World Over; Julie Fisher

039: What are the Do’s and Don’ts in International Business

038: How Culture Plays a Role in the EU and the Empowerment of Women; Madi Sharma

037: Why Company Culture Matters [Podcast]

036: Vanessa Shaw; How Technology Has a Human Side

Culture Matters Summer 2015

Uncertainty Avoidance in International Business

035: How Cultural Differences Play a Role in the Operating Room of a Hospital; Professor Alex Mottrie

033: What are the Most Important Cultural Differences in India? Neil Miller

032: Why Web Design is Not Culturally Neutral; Sabina Idler

031: United Nations Sigrid Kaag Talking About Cultural Differences

030: Sunder P Talks About Get Friday and International Virtual Assistance

029: Timothy J. Bridgman with a Focus on Poland

028: Amanda Workman Your Cultural Concierge

027: Teresa Knapp on Working and Hosting Exchange Students

026: Author of the Book Global Dexterity; Professor Andy Molinsky on Cultural Differences

025: Kiran Beersing-Vasquez Gives a Student Perspective on Culture

024: Stephen Frost on Diversity & Inclusion

023: Alexander McNabb Takes an Expat View on life in Dubai

021: Alfredo Roach on Project Management and Cultural Differences

Holiday Season Message

020: International Travel With the Whole Family; Meet the Benders

019: Intercultural Project Management Explained by Karen Smits

018: NBA Sports Legend John Amaechi on Sports, Business and Culture

017: Greeley Koch Executive Director of ACTE on Culture & Travel

016: Wytze Russchen European Lobbyist Talks About Cultural Differences in Brussels

015: Airline Consultant Peter van der Lende Talks About Cultural Differences

014: Pierre Delalande on Culture When Operating the High Speed Train Service Eurostar

013: Giampaolo Viglia on Culture and Consumer Behavior

011: Paul Wait on the Importance of Culture in Corporate Travel

010: Deva Rangarajan on Culture in India, the USA, Europe, and Academic Education

009: Bernard Foccroulle on Cultural Differences in Classical Music

008: Tom Andriola, an American Working in China

007: Lulu Wang a Chinese Writer Living in the Netherlands

006: John Alexander on Hard Consensus and Soft Consensus

005: Bob Grol on Dutch Directness in Singapore and Beyond

004: Richard Hill on Why the French are Autistic

003: Dorothy Dalton on International Talent Management

002: Antoin Deul on Culture and Sustainability

001: Anis Bedda on Culture and its Effect on Innovation

000: Culture Matters Podcast, an Introduction

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