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065: Inclusive Talent Management with Stephen Frost | Culture Matters

About This Week’s GuestStephen Frost

Stephan Frost

This is the first time that we have a guest who has been on the podcast before.

In this podcast, we continue our discussion on Inclusive Management. What it is and what you can do.

Stephen Frost is Head of Diversity and Inclusion for KPMG UK. He served as Head of Diversity and Inclusion for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games from 2007-2012. He was educated as a Hertford College Scholar at Oxford University and a Fulbright Scholar at Harvard University. He also teaches inclusive leadership at Harvard Business School and an extended class at Sciences Po in Paris. He advises several organizations and governments worldwide and is  the author of the book The Inclusion Imperative.

His tips to become more culturally competent are:

  1. Know and understand yourself. Think about your own “in-group”; your friends and family. To whom do you reach out to and (possibly more important), to whom do you not reach out to (because you don’t want to or it would make you feel uncomfortable).
  2. Think about your leadership style. Are you expecting people to adapt to you, or are you willing to adapt to them? This attitude will have a great influence on your leadership style.
  3. Deliver: what have you done in the past? What have you done in the past to make this a better, more interesting place? Ideally, you let someone else share this while you take a back seat and listen to how they see what you’re done.

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I hope you will be back for the next episode of the Culture Matters Podcast!

Chris Smit

I'm passionate about Cultural Difference. I have been helping organizations save time and money when they work Internationally for the last 19 years. I have had the fortunate opportunity to hold lectures, workshops, and consulting projects on this subject World Wide. It has made me understand my own culture much better, and appreciate the differences around the world.
I have a Master's Degree in Organisational Psychology and have lived in the USA, the Netherlands and, currently, in Belgium.
Thank you!

Chris Smit
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