Intercultural Competence

The Intercultural Readiness Check

(IRC; © Intercultural Business Improvement b.v.; the Netherlands) is a valid and reliable questionnaire measuring four vital intercultural competences.

More than 35,000 respondents have filled in the IRC so far, making its database one of the largest information sources on intercultural competence in the world.

The IRC is available in eight major languages: English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese. Norm scores for a wide range of countries and industries can be provided upon request. Respondents can access the IRC online and receive practical and in-depth feedback, providing input for detailed action plans and follow-up learning.

Intercultural competences assessed by the IRC

Intercultural Sensitivity

The degree to which a person takes an active interest in others, their cultural background, needs and perspectives.

Building Commitment

The degree to which a person actively influences the social environment, concerned with integrating different people and personalities.

Intercultural Communication

The degree to which a person actively monitors own communicative behaviours.

Managing Uncertainty

The degree to which a person is able to manage the greater uncertainty of intercultural situations.

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