About This Week’s GuestAlfredo Behrens

Alfredo Behrens

Alfredo strongly believes in drawing management lessons from indigenous organizations to increase the efficacy of teamwork.

He offers a Brazilian Carnival Parade training module to this effect.

Alfredo holds a Ph.D. degree awarded by the University of Cambridge, he already lectured at Princeton University and London Business School.

He currently lectures with Harvard Business School Publishing and FIA Business School in São Paulo.

Alfredo collaborates with environments such as the Harvard Business Review and the Financial Times.

He authored over 30 articles besides several books, like “Culture and Management in the America”s, published by Stanford University Press, 2009.

His three tips to become more culturally competent are:

  1. Self-awareness. How well do you know yourself in relationship to the other(s)?
  2. See foreign films. It will give you an overview of life in a different culture. And it’s cost effective as well!
  3. If you can, travel. But don’t go for the all inclusive package deals. Instead, make sure you go out and speak to the local people.

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