Work After Corona; Will it be Different?

Work After Corona Not another article about Corona... Or maybe this one will be different; In this article, we'd like to talk about work after Corona. Will it be the same (back to "normal") or will there be a "new normal"? And above all, what will be the...

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How to adapt to a different culture

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Language Barriers in International Business

Overcoming Language Barriers in International BusinessEffective communication is vital when it comes to expanding your business overseas. As much as you are thinking of the cultural, financial, and legal considerations for your international business, you...

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How to Work With International Virtual Teams

Sign up Now for our FREE Webinar on our current topic "How to work with international virtual teams" How to Work With International Virtual Teams What is it? A Definition: There are many ways of defining what a multicultural team is. Still, I couldn't find much of a...

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Hiring Freelancers for a More Diverse Workplace

If you want your business to succeed, then diversity is something that you have to prioritize. Not only does diversity promote a culture of openness, but it also ensures that you have teams of people who think differently, encouraging a steady stream of...

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Cultural Differences in International Business (part 2)

Cultural Differences in International Business (part 2) International Business Development Is … International "The Dutch like Italian Pizza and the Italians like Dutch football." With this unforgettable quote, the former Dutch CEO of KLM dismissed the...

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