Avoid the International Hamster Wheel

For humans to be portrayed as hamsters in a wheel is not considered as something positive. It suggests putting in effort without ever obtaining results. A waste of time. More importantly though, it points out people’s silliness for sticking to a habit and the...

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Stop Making Sense in International Business

‘Stop Making Sense’ is a 1984 live concert movie and album of the American band ‘The Talking Heads’. Just by combining the name of the band with the names of the album and some of its tracks, such as ‘Burning Down the House’, enough metaphorical material is provided...

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Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

Register for this FREE online  Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast; Management, Get It Right This Time! I wish I had come up with this quote but unfortunately, the late Peter Drucker beat me to it. But what an excellent, simple, to the point, and...

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Cultural Differences Between North and South America

Cultural Differences Between North and South America: The North is Not the South Well, of course, the north is not the south in any context, certainly not in terms of geography. In terms of doing business, none of us are really interested in geography and...

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Tell me Something I don’t Know

THE IMPORTANCE OF EDUCATION: Tell Me Something I Don’t Know As you’ve come to get familiar with my topic on culture and cultural differences within the association community, my statement is: “nothing is culturally neutral”. So is the case with learning...

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Work After Corona; Will it be Different?

Work After Corona Not another article about Corona... Or maybe this one will be different; In this article, we'd like to talk about work after Corona. Will it be the same (back to "normal") or will there be a "new normal"? And above all, what will be the...

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