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Timothy J. Bridgman

Timothy was born in UK, lived in Poland on/off since 1999, went to Poland to try to become Poland’s first world fusion music DJ, then over the same period became lecturer at University of Lodz. Left employment at University of Lodz in 2012 to retrain as an Interculturalist. He now specialise in intercultural training for domestic international careers in Poland. Tim has extensive experience helping graduates prepare to enter into careers for SSC/BPOs in Poland.

His 3 tips for becoming more culturally competent are:

  1. Film: Bogowie (2014) – Dir. Łukasz Palkowski (Imdb link)
  2. Music: Moizm (2013) – Tomasz Makowiecki (Wikipedia link)
  3. Book: Positively Disappointed: Business Across Cultures in Poland (2015) – Timothy J. Bridgman (Book)

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