About This Week’s GuestJeri Weber

Jeri Weber

Jeri Weber, a US American lawyer knows about the demands of the legal profession and working with other cultures. She spent the first 18
 years of life viewing the world through her US perspective.

Longer periods living in Indonesia, China, the Netherlands, Belgium, and
 Germany broadened her perspective and sensitized her to other

She combined her background in the law with her experience adapting across cultures and now assists legal professionals to better serve their global clients by designing solutions on specific intercultural issues and moderating the building of intercultural teams.

Her mission is to give them tools to negotiate more successfully across cultures.

Her tips to become more culturally competent are:

  1. Do not assume (ass-U-me) that people know about your culture or that you know about their culture. When in doubt ask. Asking never hurts.
  2. Really listen to what the others are saying, but also to what they’re not saying. In other words, keep your ears and eyes really open and dig a bit deeper by asking a second question after your first question on the same topic.
  3. Be open to whatever is coming. Obeserve and try not to judge.

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