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Peter van der Lendehelps companies expand internationally through Market and Business DevelopmentExpanding across borders brings unique challenges. Peter has over 20 years of experience in different commercial roles and has worked and lived in nine countries. 

Through his company Expand360 (, Peter offers a variety of engagement models that fit your needs to secure a true partnership with a mutual commitment for success. The model always aims, however, at starting with business development right away while exploring the market and building relationships as opposed to the other way around. 

Peter works with Chris Smit at Culture Matters ( to help executives to become culturally competent. Too often is the impact of cultural differences underestimated that leads to international expansion failures.  

The World in Your Pocket 

Peter was born in The Netherlands and has lived and worked in nine countries in Europe, Latin America, and North America. Peter started in the airline industry and has worked as an independent since 2013. Peter has a master’s degree in Business Economics and is fluent in English, Spanish, and Dutch.

The P of Practical 

Companies that aim at expanding internationally often start with bureaucratic tasks. Should I start a company? Should I rent an officeHow many people should I have in Sales? However, it is much better to start with business development without the big overhead costs. Business development is a process, it requires time and effort. Peter builds the bridge.

The P of Persistent 

Developing a new market and establishing new relationships requires time, but also persistence. It is always the face-to-face interaction and the strength of one’s network that ultimately makes the difference. Peter has a large network of people in Europe, Latin America and North America and secures new relationships for new clients where needed. 

The P of Patience 

Another P can be used for Partnership, but I chose Patience. It is of course better to promise fast results, but the reality is that developing new markets takes time. It takes time to get established for the long-haul. Peter is culturally competent in many markets and offers programs for you to become more culturally competent.

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