Simply put, an Organizational Development practitioner is to an organization as a physician is to a human body.

The practitioner “diagnoses” (or discovers) the most important priorities to address in the organizational development, suggests a change-management plan, and then guides the organization through the necessary change.

We can help your organization to align the human factor with your business requirements by addressing the following:

  • How do we relate to each other, e.g. if we make a mistake will our colleagues genuinely help us out or will they secretly think “one up for me!”
  • How do we relate to our work, e.g. do we execute our tasks in a meticulous way or do we put the emphasis more on innovation and creativity.
  • How do we relate to the outside world, e.g. do we know what is good for the customer or do we do whatever the customer wants even if this may harm the customer’s longer-term interests.
  • The degree to which people are motivated either to work hard or to stay with the company, analyzed in terms of both internal and external factors.
  • The leadership style and the degree to which the leadership style is accepted.
  • The average profile of an employee.

Our Methodologyorganizational development 2

We have developed an analytical on-line measurement tool consisting of 6 dimensions.

Our model is based on the ideas, which have been developed by Dr. Bram Nueijen and others, as well as on our own research and advisory work.

Our methodology is based on the conviction that culture only becomes meaningful by comparison.

Thus the actual culture of the client will be compared with its “strategic” and desired culture.

The “strategic” culture is defined by the long term requirements a client has to meet in order to be and/or to remain economically successful.

The outcome

What can you expect to do with the outcome of our on-line measurement tool?

  • Assess whether internal change is unavoidable.
  • Define change objectives explicitly.
  • Define change strategy explicitly.
  • Realize change objectives more effectively.
  • Monitor the degree to which change is realized.
  • Assess the feasibility of strategies.
  • Realize strategic alliances, take-overs and mergers more successfully

Our approach to Organizational Development

Our primary approach is modular.

In other words, you will not be stuck with us for years to come (although you might value our expertise and way of working that you would not mind!).

We assist you in interpreting the outcome of the on-line survey.

Then it is up to you whether you think you still need us for further implementation of specific changes in your organization. When you’d like to know more, click here to contact us.

Or take a look here, or here.

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