Cultural Awareness Training on Sales

Selling Globally: Transcending the Cross-Cultural Barriers

• Are you prepared to sell across different cultures?
• How does culture determine and impact human interaction?
• Is customer loyalty affected by cultural variables?
• How does culture matching lead to sales effectiveness?
The key to successful selling lies in creating mutually valuable, long-term relationships with clients and customers. Although on a conceptual level this sounds simple, the difficulty lies in the execution.

Purpose of this program

Compare and contrast different selling styles according to whether the focus is on product, price, quality and service as opposed to the seller-buyer relationship, involvement (short vs. long term) and adaptability or flexibility.  In addition, the program will also focus on how to develop one’s cultural intelligence when it comes to selling across borders.

How you will Benefit

The seminar is designed to:
• Raise awareness of the multi-dimensional cultural aspects of global selling;
• Promote a deeper understanding of how cross-cultural differences can impact or affect both interpersonal relationships and sales transactions;
• Provide an opportunity to reflect on one’s own culture and behaviors and how to be more effective;
• Allow participants to interact and build network alliances.
• Focus on how to develop one’s cultural intelligence

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