Examples of Uncertainty Avoidance

What are Good Examples of Uncertainty Avoidance? Since this is (or at least I think it is) one of the most difficult dimensions of Professor Geert Hofstede to explain, it makes sense to give some extra context and examples of Uncertainty Avoidance. If you’re not...

Prof. Geert Hofstede on Cultural Awareness

Prof. Dr. Geert Hofstede. Meet the “Master” of Culture Cited more often in the Social Sciences Citation Index than Sigmund Freud, Geert Hofstede did his groundbreaking research in the 1960s when working with IBM. Statistical details can be found in the...

Cultural Awareness Definition

You’re on the website Culture Matters now. But what could be a cultural awareness definition? Or better, in which context is it used on this website? When you look up “Culture” on Wikipedia, there are 8 chapters of information and dozens of pages....
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