Cultural Differences and the Coronavirus

Cultural Differences and the Corona-virus Are you also sick and tired of all the news about the Corona virus or the Covid-19 virus? Well, I can imagine. Here in Belgium, where I live, we're in a semi-lockdown, as in many countries around the world. So from...

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Culture Matters should be a Priority for Every Company

Culture Matters and Cultural Differences are No Priority?Some people get it and... most don't: Culture Matters.The other day I received the request if I could come and speak at a networking event organized by a hotel that is part of an international hotel...

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What About Disagreeing at Work?

What about Disagreeing @Work? By Fahad Alqahtani  Let me explain this concept using Press Freedom Index results of 2019. If we considered that cultures that took centuries of emphasize by their members into account, we can predict which countries will...

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Why E-Learning and Cultural Competency are a Bad Match

Why E-Learning and Cultural Competency is a Bad MatchEverything tends to move online. We buy our books online, we do our groceries online, we book our tickets ourselves and even certain forms of training have taken on the shape of e-learning. Effective for...

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Cross Cultural Coaching

Cross-Cultural CoachingWhat Is It?Cross-cultural coaching or cross-cultural distance coaching entails coaching you and making you more culturally competent.In this fast-changing and fast internationalizing world people skills are essential to survive and...

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Being an Expat: Mark your Health

Being an Expat: How to Stay HealthyWith approximately 57 million expatriates living across the globe, each country provides a unique work-life balance for those looking for a new cultural perspective on life. Moving and working in another country and being...

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Machine Translation; is it Good Enough for an EBook?

(Machine) Translation is becoming an important tool for communicating within the organization and across the world. More and more businesses are embracing it, so much so that translation itself is on the verge of becoming a trend. Hiring a freelancer to do...

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