Democracy and Cultural Diversity

Democracy and Cultural Diversity [4-min read] This writing is an attempt to explain, from a cultural point of view, why Democracy is not a World Universal "thing". Democratic elections in Pakistan, Russia, Afghanistan, and Burma? The list is far from complete. In the...

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Humor in Different Countries

In a previous post on Humor in Different Countries (2012), I tried to make a point about humor not being culturally neutral. (Click here to read it). I don't think there are many people who will disagree with the above point. In order to illustrate the...

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The Good Assumption in International Business

The term ‘economics’ comes from the Ancient Greek oikos, which means ‘house’, and nomos, which stand for ‘custom’ or ‘law’. In other words, economics is really a social science about the ‘rules of the house'. Macroeconomics, microeconomics, business economics,...

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Trust in International Business (but Verify)

The phrase ‘Trust but Verify’ was emphatically used by former US President, Ronald Reagan during his dialogues with Michael Gorbachev, then-leader of the Soviet Union. Reagan picked up the phrase from an American writer called Suzanne Massie, who told him that...

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American Stereotypes in International Business

In terms of stereotyping the inhabitants of an entire nation, I can’t think of people who are more subject to be boxed in than Americans. I will leave the classic clichés aside as they do not provide any meaningful insight or are simply not true. However, I think it...

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The most common mistake in international business

Are you a good driver? Do you do a decent job at the sport you like to play? Can you determine whether a joke is a good joke? Of course, it is all relative, because even if you think that you’re not particularly good at these things, surely it has crossed your mind...

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International Business: Avoid the Hamster Wheel!

Avoid the Hamster Wheel in International business and trade culture For humans to be portrayed as hamsters in a wheel is not considered something positive. It suggests putting in effort without ever obtaining results. A waste of time. More importantly, though, it...

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Stop Making Sense in International Business

‘Stop Making Sense’ is a 1984 live concert movie and album of the American band ‘The Talking Heads’. Just by combining the name of the band with the names of the album and some of its tracks, such as ‘Burning Down the House’, enough metaphorical material is provided...

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Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast; Management, Get It Right This Time! [4-min read] I wish I had come up with this quote but unfortunately, the late Peter Drucker beat me to it. But what an excellent, simple, to-the-point, and oh-so-true statement. Watch this short,...

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