German Business Culture and Doing Business in Germany

German Business Culture Dissected In this article, I am dissecting German business culture and will give you some practical advice when it comes to dealing with Germans in a business context. Of course, when the context changes, some of the advice I give...

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Do We Kiss Bow Or Shake Hands? And What About Sneezing?

Do We Kiss Bow Or Shake Hands? How do we deal with the cultural ritual of greetings? The book "Kiss Bow or Shake Hands" attempts to answer that obvious questions with that obvious ritual of meetings and greetings going on within an international context....

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Good Luck Charms Around the World

Good Luck Charms Around the World Good luck, bad luck, it all happens to us once in a while. For some that doesn't go far enough so they add a so-called Good Luck Charm in order to... well, get more luck I guess. Now here comes the interesting thing: You know that I...

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Why the Euregio Region is a Deceptive Delusion

Euregio What Is It? The Euregio, or European Region, is a cross-border cooperation between Germany and the Netherlands. That is the official initiative that was started in 1958 by the Germans. You can read more about it here. Geographically and/or officially, it only...

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