Black Friday Around the World

Black Friday Black Friday. The day that the shops finally turn from red numbers in sales to black (=positive) numbers in sales. Profits should be on the way after this day in November. This originally American initiative has spread to other countries in the world. All...

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How is Tourism Affecting Translation

How is Tourism Affecting Translation Nowadays, communication is essential for our daily life. Being able to communicate appropriately is beneficial to anyone, especially when it comes to the world of tourism. Of course, when it comes to a tourist traveling to a new...

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Doing Business in China; Five Things You MUST Understand

Doing Business in China and Working With ChineseQuestion: How to do business with Chinese?Answer:Respect the hierarchy and don't jump "rank" (skipping a layer of hierarchy)Loss of face is real. Be careful to single out an individual when working in a group or...

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Why Culture Matters; A Case Study

This case study describes the impact that cultural differences can have on a large multinational (travel) organization. It also covers the effect that cultural competence training can have to, ultimately, save time and money. What Are The Key Take Aways?...

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Impact of Brexit on UK Business

What is the Impact of Brexit on Business for the UK? How Does Brexit Affect Business? Two questions; Many answers... This article will look at the cultural implications, considerations, and opportunities and impact of Brexit on UK business. Key Takeaways...

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