How to Shake Hands in Other Cultures

How to Shake Hands in Other Cultures; To Kiss Bow or Shake Hands [3-mins] How often do you kiss if that’s the way you greet each other? In Belgium, it is once. In the Netherlands, it is three times. In the USA you air-kiss (kissing when only the cheeks touch if...

Democracy and Cultural Diversity

Democracy and Cultural Diversity [4-min read] This writing is an attempt to explain, from a cultural point of view, why Democracy is not a World Universal “thing”. Democratic elections in Pakistan, Russia, Afghanistan, and Burma? The list is far from...

How to adapt to a different culture

How to Adapt to a Different Culture [4-min read] A few years ago, I wrote an article called: “When in Rome…Act Normal.” It related to a visit by Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte to Atlanta as part of a trade mission. When he took the podium to address an...
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