It happens ever so often. A shooting by one individual in a public area. Schools have been in the news that way.

Recently it happened at an Amish School in Pennsylvania.
6 people are dead.

So why is there no better/stricter/tighter Gun Control in the USA?

It is mostly because of the powerful Gun lobby.

From a cultural standpoint this is to be explained using two of Hofstede´s cultural dimensions: Individualism and Masculinity. Respective scores of the USA: 91 & 62

There is quite something at stake for the American Gun lobby. Mainly the loss of lots of influence and money.
This lobby is run by a few individuals. These individuals do not want to loose (a characteristic of a Masculine culture like the USA).

The fact that the individual (which is indeed a characteristic of the the cultural dimension Individualism) wants to decide for him/herself (also a individualistic characteristic) whether to have or not have a gun (a masculine power toy) is also explainable using the cultural dimensions of Hofstede.

The Europeans do not understand this kind of behaviour. That is because the Europeans are either feminine (the opposite of masculine; e.g. Sweden), or score high on Uncertainty avoidance (one characteristic is not wanting to run unfamiliar risks; e.g. USA score is 46, Germany scores 65)

For you to decide what is right and wrong…

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