Cross-Cultural Coaching

What Is It?

Cross-cultural coaching or cross-cultural distance coaching entails coaching you and making you more culturally competent.

In this fast-changing and fast internationalizing world people skills are essential to survive and do the job you have to do.

Numbers are for computers and accountants, but as a C-level leader or HR-specialist, you need people skills as well.

And people are different all over the world. Cultural competence is the key-phrase here. Different people from different cultures require a different approach than people from your own culture.

This is where cross-cultural coaching comes in. And we can do this from anywhere in the world and in your own comfortable environment.

And what if you fundamentally disagree with someone at the workplace? Read this article…

For Whom?

CEOs, other C-level leaders & HR-specialists are the ideal candidates for this kind of coaching.

Why? Usually, they have the frame of reference necessary to quickly grasp the concept of how different cultures work.

Next to this, given their full schedule and busy lives, this is a very efficient and effective way of increasing your cultural competency.

How Does Cross-Cultural Coaching Work?

In the nowadays connected world, it should not be hard to find a way to connect.

The most stable platforms would be Skype and/or Whatsapp. Also for the exchange of files and possible links and examples.

Coaching sessions are usually anything between 30 to 60 minutes and take place when it suits your agenda.

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What Could a Program Look Like?

No program will be the same because no individual will be the same.

So your program will be tailored to your needs.

Of course, there first is an intake to determine the needs and to establish goals. After that every type of content is possible.

However, there can be a couple of standard parts that you choose to do. One of them is the IRC or the Intercultural Readiness Check (see sample below).

Why Me For Your Cross-Cultural Coaching?

I have 20 years of working internationally across the globe with many many cultures. I’ve been giving courses and lectures in every corner of the world and have worked with high-level executives in many corporate environments.

Next to that, I’m a psychologist. Combines with my intercultural experience I understand why people do what they do and why they do what they do.

I can coach you in English, Spanish, and Dutch.

Should you consider a Diversity Manager for your organization, contact me directly, or read this article first.

In addition, if E-learning is your thing, read this article first!


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He currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) with his family.

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