Black Friday

Black Friday. The day that the shops finally turn from red numbers in sales to black (=positive) numbers in sales. Profits should be on the way after this day in November.

This originally American initiative has spread to other countries in the world. All for the sake of good commerce. Some hate it, others love it because they might get a specifically good deal on a product or service they wanted for a long time.

Have a look at this infographic to see how other countries and cultures deal with this.

If your country is not there, leave a comment below and tell the world how your Black Friday looks like.

Black Friday Around the World

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Chris is passionate about Cultural Differences. He has been helping organizations save time and money when they work Internationally for the last 20+ years. While doing this he had the fortunate opportunity to hold lectures, workshops, and consulting projects on this subject World Wide. It has made him understand his own culture much better and appreciate the differences around the world.
His education is in Organisational Psychology and he has lived in the USA, the Netherlands, and currently lives in Belgium.

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