About This Week’s GuestJelle Mattelaer

Jelle Mattelaer

Jelle is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for people, cultures, technology, design, and food.

With his company Zeropoint he works with virtual teams from Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Together with his colleague Bart van Loon (who was on the show earlier) he has been dealing with virtual teams for the last 7 years.

His tips to become more culturally aware are:

  1. Focus first on the people and think of the culture later. Often the assumptions we have of the other culture stand in the way of really wanting to understand the other. To use a term from Buddha: “Empty your cup first“.
  2. Come to another culture or country with full respect. Before you go, try to find out what these signs of respect are. What are the “rules” and “customs” of that country? How can you find out about this? Either read a book, or simply by observing or asking.


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