How is Tourism Affecting Translation

Nowadays, communication is essential for our daily life. Being able to communicate appropriately is beneficial to anyone, especially when it comes to the world of tourism. Of course, when it comes to a tourist traveling to a new country and having a bit of miscommunication with any of the locals or any of locals having some miscommunication in an attempt to make an appropriate translation, there can be a reasonable understanding between the two and all will be well. Needless to say, this can be rather troubling for anyone in the tourism and travel industry. Companies that are involved in Tourism and Travel always tend to make sure that individuals who are traveling to other countries have a pleasant experience and are attracted enough,  not only to mention how enjoyable the traveling experience was but to also consider visiting that country again.

Why the Chinese Translations are Always so… Bad…?

The last thing that companies in the tourism and travel industry would want is having people remember a holiday for all the wrong reasons, and that is why translation is very important. A good example of this happens to be most people’s experience when traveling to China. It has been noted that there were several situations in which the citizens’ attempted to translate Chinese into English so as to make it easier to communicate with tourists which have not always been very accurate. This truly affects the country because all the bad translations have drawn tourists as well as potential tourists away from all the leisure and history that the country has to offer. Indeed though, China is being affected by this whole experience especially considering that one of its largest sources of economic growth is in the Tourism and Travel industry. Other countries such as France, Germany, and India also look at the Tourism and Travel industry as a source of economic development.translations The reason why this is very troubling is that in the end, incorrectly localized translations can give nothing but a negative impression about both, the place that is being visited the country as a whole.

Expert Translations?

Now because of this, a lot of companies in the Tourism and Travel industry implement in-country translators so as to help reflect the full culture of the country that is being visited thus allowing tourists to have a more pleasurable encounter as well as attaining a better understanding of the country. These expert translators are essential when it comes to translating even minor things such as travel guides or tour materials. What can really help is having a translator that is fluent in both languages, therefore, allowing for a more welcoming feel among the visitors because not only will the tourists get a handle of how the local language is spoken but will allow the translator to sell other holiday sites and activities. Tourism companies also have found themselves needing these expert translators due to the fact that there will be moments where adapting their materials will have to be done due to the wide range of languages. This has been seen as being a very essential approach because it does help the company in being more effective.

Towards the Future

Using this knowledge as well as integrating this tactic, more and more companies will be able to attract more visitors especially with the consideration of employing a large group of experts who are versed in multiple languages. This will be beneficial because it will make communication much easier as well as allowing tourists to not have a negative perception of where they had just traveled to and the tourism and travel companies will be able to gain more clienteles thus helping in the growth of their business. The world being diverse in so many ways has made itself evident in the Tourism and Travel industry and therefore the essential requirement for proper translation is necessary, especially when it comes to booking flights or verbal marketing. You might be interested in reading more. Here’s an idea:  If you’re interested in what and/or how machine learning is influenced by culture, read this article.

An article specifically focussed on the travel industry can be found here.


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