Good Luck Charms Around the World

Good luck, bad luck, it all happens to us once in a while.

For some that doesn’t go far enough so they add a so-called Good Luck Charm in order to… well, get more luck I guess.

Now here comes the interesting thing: You know that I have proclaimed that nothing is culturally neutral (watch my TEDx talk here where I explain this further), and that also goes for the good luck charms.

Good luck charms are different in different parts of the world. Just like signs of bad luck; the number 13 in Europe and North America, the number 4 in Japan (it is the Japanese character for “death”, etc.)

It’s also interesting that different ornaments proclaim to give you different kinds of luck. For example:

  • Good for your health
  • Bring you lots of money
  • Protect you from evil and take care of romantic relationships (all in one charm)
  • Some are an intermediate between your good luck or wish and the Gods or Saints that should help you get that
  • Up to worrying less all the way to having better fertility…

Below is an interesting infographic that shows how these good luck charms differ in different parts of the world.

Have a read and let me know what you think.

Oh, and of course, good luck afterward…


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