To Kiss Bow or Shake Hands; How to Best Shake Hands in Other Cultures

How often do you kiss if that’s the way you greet each other? In Belgium, it is once. In the Netherlands, it is three times. In the USA you air-kiss (kissing when only the cheeks touch).

And how deep do you bow? Well, that also depends on the country you are in or from.

And what about shaking hands? Ah, let’s focus in this article on how to shake hands in different cultures. You’ll be surprised how differently you can actually shake hands in different cultures.

One note in the margin, though. This is an InfoGraphic which contains a lot of how-to’s and do’s and don’ts. Please be careful when it comes to do’s and don’ts; they can change when the context changes. Simply put, do’s and don’ts can change if the situation changes. Just keep what it says in the infographic in the back of your mind next time you’re greeting someone from another culture.
A Global Guide To Handshakes


Chris Smit

I'm passionate about Cultural Difference. I have been helping organizations save time and money when they work Internationally for the last 19 years. I have had the fortunate opportunity to hold lectures, workshops, and consulting projects on this subject World Wide. It has made me understand my own culture much better, and appreciate the differences around the world.
I have a Master's Degree in Organisational Psychology and have lived in the USA, the Netherlands and, currently, in Belgium.
Thank you!

Chris Smit
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