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How to Overcome Cultural Difference When Doing Business

Avoid the Mistakes That Others Make When Doing Business Internationally


Is England Part of Europe?

Is England Part of Europe? That’s a good question to ask. So, let’s evaluate this question. A Historic Perspective to Start With To anwer the question “Is England Part of Europe” we need to go back a long time. A really long time… Well,... read more

Japanese Culture: Boy and Girl on train

The country is Japan. The setting is a commuter train. The situations is a pregnant woman, wearing a badge telling people around her she is pregnant. The reason for this is so other sitting passengers will stand up (if they can, due to the crowded train!), and let the... read more

What is High Context Culture

What is High Context Culture? You might have heard of these words: high context culture and low context culture. But what is it and, if you’re working with different cultures, why is it important to understand the differences? In an earlier post, I discussed... read more

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