If you work with different cultures or if you travel a lot, you have come across Cultural Differences and Cultural Diversity.

Time and again people have asked me “Give me some tips and tricks, so I can better deal with different cultures“.

So who better to ask than real people with real experiences.

And that’s exactly what I did.

I’ve interviewed close to 100 people to get their tips, tricks, and hacks to become more culturally competent.

Finally, it’s here:


From A to Z: the Do’s & Dont’s in International Business

During my workshops and seminars that I give all over the world, I get the question almost every time: “Please give some do’s and don’ts on how to improve communication with other cultures“.

Rather than using my own tips and tricks, I decided to ask the people that I interview for the Culture Matters Podcast.

This book is the result of all those interviews. 

Each podcast guest gave three tips, tricks and hacks to communicate more effectively across borders.

With every tip, I have shared my own insights and experiences on how to implement and take action on these tips.

This way, this book has become extremely practical and actionable.

A beautifully illustrated book, with a short bio of everyone that contributed, so you know where they come from and what their expertise is.

There are contributions from all walks of life and all kind of backgrounds and expertise. For example:

  • M&A experts
  • Language teachers
  • Business school professors
  • Immigrants
  • Students
  • Country-specific experts
  • Interns and students
  • Medical doctors
  • Sports legends
  • International lobbyists
  • UN staff
  • Industry-specific leaders
  • And of course fellow intercultural experts



A selection of contributors
A selection of contributors



Erin Meyer Professor – department of organizational department - INSEAD
Erin Meyer Professor – department of organizational department – INSEAD

 “After 20 years of intercultural experience, Chris knows what he is talking about. Together with the tips and tricks that are offered by the people he interviewed, this book will be very useful for anyone who works internationally or with different cultures.”


Paul Andrew Wait | Chief Operating Officer Southall Travel Limited
Paul Andrew Wait | Chief Operating Officer Southall Travel Limited

“[For those ] who work internationally AND want to increase their chances of business success; it is an essential read for those companies who are thinking of doing trade Internationally for the first time.”


 “The tips & tricks that the interviewed people offer, combined with the professional additions that Chris adds to them, make this book an absolute necessity for anyone that works with people from different cultures or that travels a lot.”

In summary:

  • Close to 100 contributors
  • Over 300 tips, tricks & hacks to become more culturally competent and work more effectively with people from other cultures
  • Beautifully illustrated
  • Contact details of everyone who contributed
  • 9 pledge packages to choose from
  • December 2017: Start of Kickstarter Project
  • February 2018: Closing of Kickstarter Project
  • February 2018: Selection of editor + Selection of audio narrator
  • March 2018: Finalizing of Audio version
  • April 2018: Finalizing of Book version
  • May 2018: Shipping month


A phrase originated by Peter Drucker and made famous by Mark Fields, President at Ford, is an absolute reality! Any company disconnecting the two are putting their success at risk.

 Thank you for making your pledge now.


Chris Smit

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