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If you’re looking for an Engaging, Exciting and Interactive speaker on the subject of Intercultural Management & Awareness you came to the right place.

Chris has spoken at hundreds of events to thousands of people on the subject of Cultural Diversity & Cultural Competence.

What Others Say About Chris:

  • “Very Interactive and Engaging”
  • “In little time he knew how to get the audience inspired and connected to his story”
  • His ability to make large groups of participants quickly and adequately aware of the huge impact of cultural differences is excellent”
  • Chris is a dedicated and inspirational professional”

His presentation can cover specific topics, or generally on Cultural differences.

Duration of any presentation can vary from 20 minutes to 2 hours and anything in between, and are given World Wide.

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How to do Business in the USA

In this article on how to do business in the USA, I want to focus on the specifics of the cultural makeup of American flagthe United States.

Doing business in any country requires a good understanding of not only the local etiquette, but certainly of the local culture. But there is a BIG caveat when it comes to getting the best or right angle to look at a culture.

We Can’t Both Look at the Same River

I’m not sure if this is an old Chinese saying, but if it is, it sounds something like this:

“If you and I are looking at the same river, we are both seeing a different river.” Read More

The consequences of differences in Power Distance

Power Distance accounts for the majority of cultural differences in the world.

Understanding Power Distance is essential in Cultural Awareness Training. In this short video I explain what some consequences can be when different cultures with a different score on this dimension interact, or work together.

Read More

International Management and Managing Expectations

What is International Management?International Management and Managing Expectations

Checking the online encyclopedia Wikipedia does not give an answer (the page does not exist!). Still in Cultural Awareness Training, it is a real important issue. How do you manage internationally and/or how do you manage expectations of other people when working Internationally? Read More

Why are men better than women?

Why men are better than women

This is of course not the opinion of the writer.

So, let me be more specific and approach this title from an cultural perspective

In certain countries people prefer to have a son over a daughter. In two of these countries, India & China, the men out-number the women by 12 to 15 percent. These figures come from the magazine Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The authors are, Therese Hesketh (University College, London) and Zhu Wei Xing (Zhejiang University China).

Selective abortion and negelect of young girls have led to these figures, according to the above mentioned study.

However, this is nothing new. Throughout the centuries boys have always been preferred over girls.

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Saint Nicholas, Turkey and the Garden Gnomes

Saint Nicholas of Myra has a lot to answer for. For a start he was responsible for a Nordic Council meeting that Sinterklaaswas devoted to a bitter dispute over claims to his namesake, Santa Claus.

The Norwegians presented a carefully argued but sentimental case for ownership, matched by equally nostalgic pleas from the Icelanders and the Greenlanders. The Swedes grumbled, and the Finns argued from the de facto reality of a Santa Claus industry already established just inside the Arctic Circle north of Rovaniemi.

They subsequently reinforced their claim by launching a ‘Santa Claus Finland International’ venture which, in turn, prompted the Danish government to grant a state subsidy to a Santa’s workshop in Greenland.

Norway, as always, was anxious to have the last word. The Norwegian town of Dröbak challenged (so far unsuccessfully) the Finnish claim to the Father Christmas trade on evidence, dating from the year 1602, that Santa was born under a tree there. Read More

Are the French “Autistic”?

Travelling From Belgium to France

Travel southeast down the valley of the Viroin and, just beyond the border, you find yourself traversing a French Mapwasteland of scrubby hedgerows and bits of abandoned corrugated iron that shrieks “France“. You are witnessing the combined effects of the centralism of French life and the ‘laissez-faire’ attitude of many of its inhabitants.

The well-earned qualities of the French – intelligence, charm, esprit – are not that evident when you approach the country and the culture from the Belgian end. The bad jokes told by the French also get in the way and, to the lasting chagrin of the Flemish, the northwestern corner of the country including the splendid city of Lille (Rijsel!) was taken away from them in 1713.

But the very positive French characteristics of charm and intelligence are sustained by a voluntary confinement to the ‘hothouse’ of French culture and what I would venture to call francisité. French society, particularly the beau monde parisien, is very hermetic.
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Episode 008 Culture Matters Podcast with Tom Andriola

Summarytom andriola

In this episode I Interview Tom Andriola.

Tom Andriola is currently the General Manager of Healthcare Informatics at Philips Healthcare Greater China, a business dedicated to technology innovation, improving patient care and saving lives.

He also is responsible at Philips for Informatics businesses in Latin America and India and manages a global organization of more than 600 people.

He is a sought after speaker on developing technology trends in healthcare and changes happening in the world’s emerging healthcare markets.

Tom has been with Philips for 10 years and held several management positions running healthcare businesses and driving business transformation programs.

Prior to Philips, Tom helped start several technology businesses and spent time as a Chief Information Officer. He has engineering degrees from The George Washington University and University of South Florida and an Executive MBA from Stanford University. Read More