Cultural Implications of International Mergers and Acquisitions [Audio]




Mergers and Acquisitions

About 80 percent of all national and international mergers and acquisitions fail completely or don’t add any additional value to the merged companies.

Many of these so-called international mergers and acquisitions only go through economical due diligence. In other words, the internal (or external) accountants only look at the numbers (=economies of scale, reduction of the workforce, etc.).

Very few, if any, look at the cultural implications. Not only national cultural differences or implications, let alone organizational cultural implications.

The example of failed international mergers is by far longer than the successful ones. Here is a couple:

  • KLM (Dutch) & Alitalia (Italian): failed
  • Microsoft (American) & Nokia (Finnish): failed
  • KPN (Dutch) & Proximus (Belgian): failed
  • Daimler (German) & Chrysler (American): failed

Listen to this webinar to learn more.

You can also read this article. Or read this Wikipedia page.

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