Cultural Awareness Training and Presenting.

Making a presentation about your company, your products, your plans or even yourself is one of the most demanding tasks one can undertake in business.

The audience might speak your language or be from your home country, or, more likely, as part of an international organization, speak different languages and represent many different cultures.

Whatever the circumstance, you need the knowledge, skills, and confidence to create presentations that will inform, persuade and inspire wherever and to whomever they are made.

The way people respond to communication around the world is defined by personal and cultural values. So how can you pass or discuss information in an effective way with people from different cultural backgrounds? Language in itself is an important factor, but even when the language barrier has been overcome, there are often misunderstandings due to differences in styles of verbal and nonverbal communication, our reasoning, and expectations of each other.

Our workshop will:

  • Provide an opportunity to acquire and practice the techniques required to deliver a clear and effective message.
  • This cultural awareness training will help with the design and content of your presentation.
  • Offer advice on the effective use of off-shore English.
  • Teach the skills required to adapt a presentation to a multicultural audience.
  • Learn how to manage and respond to a multicultural audience.
  • Provide expert analysis and advice through video playback and live audience feedback.

The Outcome:

Participants will acquire the skills to create powerful and impactful presentations with effective outcomes, which can be adapted to audiences from a specific or multicultural background The interactive and participative style of this 2-day workshop makes it particularly suitable for smaller groups (maximum 8 delegates).

Who should attend?

This highly interactive cultural awareness training program is designed for anyone looking to develop or improve their ability to deliver clear and effective presentations to international audiences. Typically managers, sales executives, etc. If you’d like to know more, click here to contact us.

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This is What Others Say About Chris:

  • “Very Interactive and Engaging”
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  • His ability to make large groups of participants quickly and adequately aware of the huge impact of cultural differences is excellent”
  • Chris is a dedicated and inspirational professional”

In addition, his presentations can cover specific topics cultural topics, or generally on Cultural differences.

Presentations can vary anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours and are given World Wide.

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