Great Britain (UK) Shortbread Cookies

Shortbread cookies or shortbread for short, is a typical British product and goes well with coffee and tea. Get them now!


Shortbread Cookies from the UK

In one word these shortbread cookies are… Yummy.

This typical British coffee and tea delight is liked by everyone. Some say it is typically Scottish, but for me this cookie is eaten across the whole British island.

Years ago, I would take a couple of boxes with me everytime I would go to London or somewhere else in the UK. Now you can get shortbread cookies online as well and they taste just as good 😉

Their sweet and buttery taste, together with their crunchiness are liked by everyone. They go well with coffee and tea. In the morning, afternoon, and evening.

The real shortbread cookie is made with real butter and will “melt in your mouth“. (even writing this little bit of product info makes my mouth water).

There are many brands that make shortbread fingers, but Walkers is by far the best known (pictured above)

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