Doing Business in the USA [Full Webinar]




How to Do Business in the US

Why the US Is Sometimes Ahead and Sometimes Behind

In this Webinar of early January 2021, we talk about recent developments and how different cultures/countries are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sometimes the USA is ahead of the rest of the world, and sometimes they’re behind. We’re talking about the US in general with a focus on business

Why is it that the US constructed an ultra-modern interstate system in the 1950s, but then let it deteriorate to a point where billions of dollars are needed to bring it back to a decent state? A similar observation applies to other infrastructures, such as airports. At the same time, why is it that companies like Amazon, Google, and Apple are so far ahead with industry-leading technology?

We’ll take a look at the COVID-19 pandemic and show how the cultural dynamics surrounding the pandemic are similar to the above-mentioned observation of “being ahead and behind.” We’ll look at this from an international business perspective and add a theoretical framework for the audience to better understand what to expect when doing business with the US.

Get Culturally Competent when Doing Business in the US

The main message of this webinar is that if you want to do business with the USA, you will encounter the dynamics of “ahead and behind“. To be successful in doing business in the US, you’ll need to get culturally competent, even if you’re from a comparable culture like the UK! You need to understand how Americans think and work and, of course, how your own culture might impact you. Your business success will depend on it!

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