What We Do: Culture Matters in International Business Development

We’re living and doing business in uncertain times. Be it a global pandemic, international trade wars, or other, business upsetting and disturbing issues.

Given all that, you still have to keep your business running. And going forward often means more than standing still: you want to grow. Why? Because if you don’t, other businesses will and they will outpace you.

And it’s important that you keep focussing on what you’re good at: Your business.

And when it comes to the culture matters in international business development, you can leave that up to us.

We at Expand360 and Culture Matters can facilitate the cultural differences in international business development. Plus with that the absolutely necessary cultural competence. This is what we can do for you:

International Business Development

  • Market Development; growing your company and revenue in your current market.
  • Strategic Positioning; what is the best “fit” of what you do (your company) in the market where you’re active?
  • Market Expansion; growing outside your own boundaries; going international and/or to different countries.

Intercultural Competence

  • Corporate Lectures; any inspiring lecture at your corporate or association event.
  • In-company Workshops; from one to three days, or anything in between.
  • Intercultural skill development; negotiations, presentation, sales, project management.

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Ethnic
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Educational
  • Professional

Which ultimately leads to paying attention to cultural matters in international business development.

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International business development Peter van der Lende
International business development Chris Smit

Peter van der Lende

arrows64; International Business DevelopmentPeter lived and worked in 9 countries across Europe, North America, and Latin America. He currently lives in the United States of America.


arrows64Developed new business for multinational companies as well as medium-sized companies across the globe.


arrows64Managed international teams and interacts with C-level executives in English, Spanish and Dutch.

Chris Smit

CM Culture Matters LogoChris lived in the United States of America, The Netherlands, and currently lives in Belgium.


CM Culture Matters LogoWorked with thousands of individuals from over 100 nationalities in more than 45 different countries.


CM Culture Matters LogoProvided hundreds of workshops and lectures on cultural diversity and company culture to improve clients’ cultural competence.

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