The German Culture and German Humor

Driving up through the Ostkantone on the motorway to Aachen (Germany) prepares you for what lies ahead. There is an orderliness about the architecture that contrasts starkly with the anarchy you are leaving behind in Belgium. In my book We Europeans I dwelt on two...

Cultural Awareness Definition

You’re on the website Culture Matters now. But what could be a cultural awareness definition? Or better, in which context is it used on this website? When you look up “Culture” on Wikipedia, there are 8 chapters of information and dozens of pages....

Humor in Culture

Let’s Talk About Humor in Culture Consider this phrase: “If you ain’t Dutch, you ain’t much…” Please, don’t switch off, but please read on. Now ask yourself: is this funny or not? Chances are that it was, or it was not. In...
Boeing & Airbus, A Cultural devide

Boeing & Airbus, A Cultural devide

Airbus is grown up now, as an aircraft maker. It took years of hard work, and billions of Europeans’ tax money in the form of state subsidies to come at par with its American rival Boeing. But the subsidies have dried up, and so has the performance of the last...
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