Cultural Awareness Training on Negotiations

Working across international and cultural boundaries can be difficult and frustrating.

However, we believe passionately that everybody can deepen their understanding and build
their skills in order to become more effective when working at an international level.

The costs of business failure can be extremely high as the record of failed cross-border alliances, mergers, and acquisitions shows. At the same time, the performance of highly competent
individuals can be disappointing when making the transition from a domestic to an
international environment.  These costs and mistakes can be avoided.

The Intercultural Negotiations workshop is designed to provide the necessary solutions that assist individuals, teams, and organizations in understanding how they can operate successfully in the international arena as well as to overcome the difficulties that cross-border negotiations can bring about.

Cross-Cultural Negotiation training is aimed at business personnel who are traveling abroad for negotiations or hosting clients/customers from other countries.  The program is designed to provide crucial information on approaches to, tactics in, and the etiquette surrounding the negotiation process.

Areas covered are:

• Determining one’s style of negotiation and the underlying cultural assumptions it reflects.
• The etiquette of meeting, greeting, communication (verbal and non-verbal) gift-giving, entertaining, and business meetings.
• Preparing for the negotiation – how to approach the negotiation, building rapport, and other preparatory steps.
• Having a deeper understanding of “the other” business culture: what motivates the “other” business person and how he/she prefers to negotiate.
• Necessary information – tips on what, when, and the way in which facts, statistics, and other supporting evidence should be used in negotiations.
• Being able to modify their communicational style appropriately and harmonize more successfully with “the other’s” expectations.
• Negotiation tactics – examining cross-cultural differences in negotiation styles such as haggling, stalling, changing demands, seeking concessions, and closing deals.

We take an individual approach to each of our clients and therefore only deliver tailor-made courses concentrating on the country/region you want.

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