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Zidane and the World Cup Finals 2006

Did the remarks of Italian soccer player Materazzi in the FIFA World Cup Finals to Zidane made the latter lose face or not?

If so, we should not be surprised about Zinadine’s response. Why? Zidane comes from originally from Algeria, a collectivistic society and he will be mentally “programmed” by his parents in Algerian values.

The main characteristic of a collectivistic society is that people are a member of an extended family or “in-group”. This group takes care of its members, however in return for strict loyalty. Nowadays, wealthy Algerian, like Zidane, don’t need groups to take care of them, but the collectivistic values still maybe “internalized” within Zidane’s mind.

One characteristic of a collectivistic society is that the group never may criticized openly by non-group members, because they loose face. If Materazzi has made very strong remarks towards Zidane, the feeling of loss of face may have caused “the anger” that Zinadine showed.

Chris Smit

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Chris Smit

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