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How to Overcome Cultural Difference When Doing Business

Avoid the Mistakes That Others Make When Doing Business Internationally


How Culture Matters in Retail Business

Culture Matters in Retail I am strongly convinced that nothing (!) is culturally neutral. Not even humor. If nothing is culturally neutral then Retail isn’t either. This makes the case that culture matters in retail too. It is not a training that Culture Matters... read more

Why the Dutch are Everywhere

Wooden Shoes in Samba Land “The Dutch are everywhere!”, have you heard that phrase before? It’s one of those things that is often said when you randomly meet a Dutch person where you least expect to meet a country(wo)man. The Dutch have a strong history of traveling... read more

Organizational Culture [INFOGRAPHIC]

Every organization has a company culture. Even very small and very new organizations. Most people refer to what is happening inside an organizations and how stuff is being done as being the company “values”. As I stated in a previous article about... read more

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